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The Smartest Managers Hire People Who Are Smarter Than Them
Missing the (Recruiting) Mark? Myths About Millennials
Nobody's an expert at EVERYTHING -- business is simply too complex and fast changing! Whether you engage them for an assignment or hire them full time, here's how to effectively manage people with more experience or knowledge than you -- and make yourself, your team and your company even more successful.
Being Present -- the Productivity "Gift" That Keeps on Giving
Productivity Tips: They're Weird -- But They Work!
Employees distracted, resistant or procrastinating? Teach them these six practical ways to be more present, mindful and productive.
Quote of the Month
"It's all about finding and hiring people smarter than you. Getting them to join your business. And giving them good work. Then getting out of their way. And trusting them. You have to get out of the way so YOU can focus on the bigger vision."
-- Richard Branson
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